About Us

Tackling Climate Change is Impactful and Profitable.

Investing through KlimaFunder gives you unprecedented early access to invest in startups that are shaping the future of our climate. You can invest for impact. You can make a difference.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to enable all investors to become climate impact investors. We enable impact aligned companies focused on climate combatting technologies to raise capital and build a community.

We empower investors to invest with their values in areas such as sustainable food & agriculture, transport, buildings, materials, land use and energy.

How do you measure Climate Impact?

A hallmark of climate impact investing is the commitment to measure and report the environmental performance and progress of underlying investments. Clima does this for you, we work closely with companies that are fundraising via the platform to:

  • Establish key impact metrics
  • Monitor and manage the performance of investee companies against these targets
  • Report regularly to relevant stakeholders on the performance of these metrics